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Sketchdump no.3 by kevintheradioguy Sketchdump no.3 by kevintheradioguy
I'm still in a non-drawing mood, so I've decided to give you a sketchdump. At first I wanted to make it out of all cute sketches I've got, but then I've decided to make a theme-one. T'is a work over a steampunk humour story that lies on a top shelf, as I have plenty of things to do :|
Here you can find a half-naked dancing girl, a shaggy guy holding bleeding nonsense and a mage casting weird stuff :dummy:

First we have Krister holding... some organ-flower-worm-leaf-teeth thing. Believe me, he wants to 'Ewwww!' Krister, in fact, is the kind of a guy who in fantasy would be a barbarian, and here, yanno, the muscles, but he does have this amazing sence o' humour of his. I wanted to give him a fancy name, as... aren't you tired that all the warriors have names like Gorm or Torg? I mean, we don't choose our names, but we can choose what we become, and the guy with the fance Krister name, who should have been a painter or a singer, prefers the force.

Then there are some dummies for their clothes with clothes on. The guys' figures are perfect, but the gal has hore 'hourglass' shape. One of few my characters who has wise hips, pretty butt and big boobs. The... only one, in fact.

Then... ta-da! This cute redhead is Sil and she's an astonishing thief. People of her profession often call themselves 'treasure hunters', but Sil is more straightforward. Her appearance is mostly drawn from our theatre actress who is a very beautiful and way too sexy woman. As for Sil, well... She. Hates. Men. As most of them see her only like a sex doll, and, in fact, bedding is one of the ways to get what she wants. Duh. So, yes, actually, Sil is quite unsympathetic and disgustful towards all the males. And more or less open about it. Oh! and she loves her freckles!

Sil dancing. She is a good dancer, you know, and this way of seducing a victim is quite pleasurable for her, as she likes to move. You can see her a lot more often here, as she's the only one with 100% made appearance (as I had the actress for reference). But her temper's the least developed.

...I don't know. A mage casting weird stuff. The mage is unnamed, by the way, I've started calling him Mercutio (yeah, Shakespear), ended with Murzik (Russian stereotypical cat name, like 'Fluffy', and it means 'purring'. It's also stereotylical result when you try to call you pet somehow fancy... irony!). You can join the creation and offer your variants. I'd like him to have typical badass name, like Adrian or Damien, when you know he's a devil.

Three colourful heads :derp: It's... a pseudo-lineup.

Loot: 25. For Marfa. She'll understand what I mean ;)

Six mages. I'd like his cute little face to have some kind of noticeable imperfection. So I've made variants. Btw, he looks not as young as it is here.

Drunken Sil and Krister. No-no-no-no, they are good friends. I think their 'Up no good' will end stabbing someone's face.

An angry werefox! :dummy:

The mage wants you to suck on his fireball :XD: He's actually not in for fireballs or such, more of something disaster-y. Big, dangerous, noisy.

Another angry werefox! :dummy:

Err... Sil likes to eat. That's all I can say about it.

Some photo references taken (Sil on yellow, Sil with loot).

EDIT: use, trace, copy, but show what you did, please. As when I see something traced/stolen I get offended and call the admins. This can be avoided by saying 'Dude, I used your stuff here!'. Credits are not obligatory, really.
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Taleigh-Rae Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I like Sil's design! As for the mage, I like the two small scars on his eye, or the one with the scar on his mouth. I love the werefox.
kevintheradioguy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Professional Writer
The...two on an eye? Or three, where he has it white?
I can combine them all, tho. When I find what would be more or less 'perfect'.
And thank you. The werefox is Sil, in fact. I don't mean to make it a secret here, as the story surely won't be translated into English ;)
Taleigh-Rae Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
is it three? Maybe I should clean my glasses. *squints*
That's cool! :)
PagodaComics Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
It's refreshing to see your characters, they have nice characteristic profiles. Nice to see some variety. :)
kevintheradioguy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Professional Writer
Funny to hear, as I almost wrote nothing :D but still it's very good to hear even such small amount of info might be considered variate or interesting. Thank you :)
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September 18, 2012
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